Araneus mitificus

Araneus mitificus

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Cephalothorax: Cephalothorax longer than wide, narrowing in front, clothed with pubescence and hairs; thoracic region provided with an indistinct transverse groove; ocular quad longer than wide and wider in front than behind; anterior median eyes larger than the posterior median eyes; posterior median eyes encircled by black rings; lateral eyes close and each situated on black tubercle; both rows of eyes recurved but anterior row more recurved than the posterior row. Sternum heart shaped, pointed behind, yellowish, clothed with black spine-like long hairs. Labium wider than long, yellowish. Maxillae strong, nearly square in shape, yellowish, provided with distinct scopulae. Chelicerae strong, yellowish, provided with moderate boss. Legs long and moderately strong, yellowish; distal ends of metatarsi and tarsi with dark brown transverse bands, clothed with pubescence, hairs and black spines. Abdomen: Abdomen nearly globular but slightly narrow anterior than posteriorly, wider than long, clothed with pubescence. Dorsum with a pair of wing-shaped large median black patch and two lateral black patches, also having an abrupt slopping at the mid region towards posterior end. Two pairs of small but distinct tubercles at the posterior end of the abdomen. Ventrum greenish without patches. Epigyne with a very short, thick and unwrinkled scape.

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